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NSYSU - Office of General Affairs




The mission of the Office of General Affairs (OGA) is to serve all staff and students at the University by improving the quality of the teaching and research environment; supporting the realization of e-administration; providing the staff, faculty and students with a safe and comfortable campus environment; and supporting energy-conservation and carbon reduction initiatives. The functions of our subordinate units are as follows: 


Clerical Services Division

Processing of official documents, file management, official seal management, mail management


Payroll & Cashier Division

Salary management, account management, cashier account management, payment processing, tuition fee management, petty cash management


Property Maintenance Division

Construction planning, construction contracting, construction management, acceptance and warranty services, utilities maintenance


Administrative Services Division

Overseas/domestic procurement, general administration, campus upkeep, expense settlement, campus security, dispatching of official vehicles


Facilities Management Division

Ground and building management, asset and object management, staff dormitory assignment, academic gown hire, base station lease, space planning, acceptance, commercial venue management